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Watering your lawn

Tips and advice from our lawn care expert to help you make the most of your lawns.

Water is essential to the health of a lawn. Adequate watering will help your lawn grow deeper roots that make it stronger and less vulnerable to drought.   Most people these days do not water their lawns due to metered water charges.  However, there are occasions when you should consider doing so if our increasingly unpredictable weather produces periods of drought.  Not doing so can be a false economy.  If you do decide to water at any time then make sure you apply adequate water on each occasion to properly penetrate the soil.  This encourages the grass to send down deeper roots. Frequent shallow watering trains the roots to stay near the surface, making the lawn less able to find moisture during dry periods.

Try to water your lawn in a way that imitates a slow, soaking rain,

by using trickle irrigation, soaker hoses, or other water-conserving

methods. It's also best to water in the early morning or evening to reduce evaporation. Apply enough so that it soaks 3-4 inches into the soil. Then let the lawn

dry out before watering it again.

The best rule is to water only when the lawn begins to wilt from

dryness-when the colour dulls and footprints stay compressed for more

than a few seconds.

Man with watering gun

At Simplylawns we care about your grassed areas, that’s why we offer you tips and advice on how to care for your lawn so you can make informed choices on how to mow, water and the positive environmental impact a good lawn can produce.

Lawn Care tips

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