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Our Services

Before we make any recommendations we will visit you and carry out a FREE lawn survey.

Our STANDARD ANNUAL PROGRAMME consists of four scheduled visits throughout the year when we apply lawn fertiliser suitable for the season and conditions and treat the weeds present.  In addition we offer specialised treatments to aerate and de-thatch your lawn to aid drainage, maintain healthy growth and control moss.

All of our treatments are designed to improve the health and ultimately the look of your lawn.  Four regular fertiliser applications with separate weed and moss treatments:

1. January/March   As the growing season gets under way the controlled release fertiliser gives your grass that initial boost for spring to aid growth and colour as well as topping up the winter moss treatment.  As appropriate we will also spray emerging broad leafed weeds such as plantains, dandelions and daisies

2. April/June    As Spring is well underway and the summer approaches, the growing season enters its second phase.  Our next application of granular fertiliser provides additional nutrients to help boost your lawn in readiness for the warmer drier months ahead.  We again check and treat the weeds.

3. July/September   Often a difficult time for lawns with our unpredictable climate.  We apply a third treatment of granular fertiliser checking again for the more stubborn weeds and treating accordingly

4. October/December   As the growing season draws to an end we focus on treatments to condition and prepare the grass against the winter months and to help protect it against frost.  This can be granular or in liquid form.  We also apply an all-important moss control

The fertilisers we apply all use slow release/no scorch technology. On each visit we also advise, if appropriate, on seasonal lawn care, diseases and insect control.

Mechanical scarification and aeration

These specialised treatments help growth and health of the grass as well as drainage and moss control.  They are optional services but are highly recommended as being beneficial for a sustained and effective programme of lawn improvement.   They significantly help to eliminate the environment in which moss thrives and complement the regular applications of fertiliser and moss control.


● Mechanically removes the built up surface thatch from your lawn

● Aids removal of moss growth especially when carried out after moss control treatment

● Helps moss reduction where surface thatch is a major cause


● The most effective way of reducing soil compaction

● Allows surface water, nutrients and oxygen more easily to enter the root system

● Aids drainage and moss control

We advise on the need to scarify and aerate as part of our regular visits and will discuss with you if either of these operations would benefit the lawn at any given time.  Scarifying is carried out in either spring or autumn but aeration can be done at any time of the year as long as the conditions are suitable.

Disease, insect and hard surface treatments

We can advise you on specific problems with your lawn such as diseases and insect infestation as well as apply weed control to drives and patios.  If needed, appropriate treatments can be carried out for you at additional cost.

Our Promise to You

We will not recommend any treatment unless it is evident from our survey that it will be beneficial to your lawn

Six years of quality service

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