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Environmental impact of a healthy lawn

Tips and advice from our lawn care expert to help you make the most of your lawns.  

Heard of global warming or climate change as they now call it?  Few people realise that a healthy lawn does wonders for the environment in which we live.  

Why does grass always feels cooler when barefoot in summer?  Because lawns cool your environment and when compared to other surfaces, well maintained turf can be as much as 15°C cooler.  Did you know that eight average lawns have the equivalent cooling effect of 70 tonnes of air conditioning!   
Grass is also a very efficient air filter absorbing CO
2, Ozone, and all sorts of other poisonous gasses, converting them to oxygen. In fact, 100 square metres of lawn will produce more than enough oxygen to meet the air quality needs of a family of four!

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At Simplylawns we care about your grassed areas, that’s why we offer you tips and advice on how to care for your lawn so you can make informed choices on how to mow, water and the positive environmental impact a good lawn can produce.

Lawn Care tips

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